Artist 2082 - amazing Clown Character

A disarmingly charming, old-school-vaudeville stretched out high-status theatrical Clown – with a twinkle in his eye, a glint of mischief, perhaps even buffoonery … he wants you to love him, and as soon as you do, he wants you to laugh with him. He’ll steal your mobile phone and ring your mother. Borrow your laptop and send emails to your father. He’ll take photos of himself with your camera and sell them on EBay. He’ll chat to your Boss and swindle a promotion for himself. Whatever niggles! Physically and verbally ridiculous, he can’t blend in, but then he doesn’t really try.  This performer is the ultimate MC, integrating his unique style of comedy and mastery of audience interaction – he can adapt to suit any event and produce the goods from audiences of 100 – 2000.

Also available as an MC and as a 20 min Interactive Alpine Cow Bell Routine – as part of a Corporate Event,  Circus or Cabaret. 

“ … this beautiful clown character was sheer magic. A baton, a few bells and audience participation had people rolling in laughter with standing ovation … Compere of the evening – he is a remarkable vision and has a kind way of insulting, humiliating and manipulating his audience and a memory of extraordinary capacity for who is what and where. He can make you jump out of your chair, ring bells, sing and be attentive in admiration.”

At first glance you see a clown, you’d be correct in your perception. But this clown is more than what eyes can see. I too on the night thought “here we go, a clown act coming right up”! My Goodness had my expectations quickly changed. Through story telling, crowd interaction, this amazing performer had not only had me wanting to run on stage and hug him, but he also had me laughing hysterically. In the short amount of time he was on stage I had also a new found respect for the birthday song. But most of all, what I learned from this “clown act” is the significance of unity, through how he orchestrated the crowd involvement into making a beautiful simple piece come together. Which in the end lifted the whole room with a standing ovation, whistles cheering and goosebumps. An act I believe should be showcased to many worldwide. With that I say with immense amount of love. Thank you so much “ – 

“ … congrats all, but especially the comic genius with his ‘clown’ routine – much genuine heartfelt laughter to be had …”

“A hilarious and exceptionally polished clowning routine”

“An absolute dream to work with. Watching him entertain the full house last night made me (the producer) very proud. Every audience member I spoke to after the show told me how much they enjoyed his bell routine. He has a unique ability to read a crowd and make them feel better when he’s done with them. I guess the standing ovation speaks for itself.”

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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